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> First MS 0079 Gundam and now this. Injustice to no end. -_-;

Well, just keep in mind that ADV is releasing Robotech and only has the
rights to Robotech, which never had a japanese audio track. So for someone
to release the japanese audio tracks and do subtitles, they'd need rights to
the original shows and have to do their own subtitling, plus they wouldn't
be able to use the Robotech dub. But, who knows, maybe AnimeEigo has the
rights to do Southern Cross and Genesis Climber - that would be kinda cool.

Matt "Not Quite Better than Zen" Hanyok
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> Oh wow. I was happy when I found out that Robotech was going to be
> on DVD by ADV. 6 eps per disc at $14.95 - sounds like a bargain. ^_^
> I wrote a letter to adv inquiring if they were gonna sub the Southern
> and Mospeada parts of the series. I already knew that Macross subbed was
> Animeigo's baby.
> >From me to ADV:
> > Will Robotech's release present Macross, Southern Cross and Mospeada
> > with the original Japanese dub track and subs like the Perfect
> > available before?
> Then ADV answered:
> From: Info <>
> > No. We do not have the rights to the Japanese versions of those shows
> > (indeed, Animeigo is working on Macross now.)
> >
> > Andy Kent
> > ADV Films
> Dunno who has the rights to Southern Cross or Genesis Climber (maybe
> Animeigo does - they were the ones that released The Perfect Collection),
> but I really want to get MOSPEADA subbed on DVD. Both have already been
> released as DVD boxed sets in Japan for over 6 months now. :(
> First MS 0079 Gundam and now this. Injustice to no end. -_-;
> Fed
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