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True, true. I wouldn't even be a Gundam fan if I wasn't raised on Koji
Kabuto and Mazinger or Voltes V. You really need some sort of childhood
spark for Giant Robot fever like Voltron or Power Rangers to gain
fascination over the whole thing. The same way G Gundam entrenched the
Gundam name for a next generation of fans.

I'm curious about the young kids' reaction to Gundam Wing in the US. The
kids over here in the Philippines just know it as the other Gundam series
that wasn't G. ^_^ It's funny, I tried showing 0079 First Gundam movies to
my nephews and they told me to fast forward to the robot fight scenes
everytime. Kids these days. :)


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> Normally I don't do this, but I have to say something.
> I'm 26 and I enjoy SuperRobot fight scenes, and see nothing wrong with it.
> I also enjoy the militaristic and humanistic aspects of Gundam.
> I don't see why the two have to be separated, and why people have to be
> insulted if they like the one or the other.
> No don't get me wrong, I'm not insulted by the statement that GW and GG
> for kids, hell, if I was I'd have to take a long look at my life(let's
> it, I collect models and toys...)
> But I got into Gundam with this thought "Hey look, giant robots, kewl!"
> the first chance I got I went and saw CCA, and I thought to myself, "Hey,
> giant robots, KEWL!".
> But there was more to it than just that, it did have story, plot, and all
> the things that drew me into Anime to begin with.
> But in the end, I'm a giant robot fan, and I shouldn't be segregated
> I don't seek the "deeper meaning" or the "humanity and sacrifice" of
> I know it's there, I enjoy it, I just don't dwell on it. I'm in it for the
> impressive mecha.
> That's it.
> No more.
> Hand me my MSIA, I've got work to do.
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> >
> >
> > I think AC Gundan fans will just have to face the fact. GW
> > and GG are for
> > adolescence who enjoy superrobot fight scenes, and 0080, 08MS
> > team, and MSG
> > are for people who enjoy the militaristic and humanistic
> > aspects of the
> > Gundam wars.
> >
> >
> > >
> > >Okay... something that's been bothering me since I made that
> > rant a while
> > >ago. It seems that everyone who's seen both UC and Wing
> > likes UC better,
> > >and thinks that the Wing plotline is a ripoff of UC. I've
> > seen a LOT of UC
> > >Gundam by now (at least some of every series, except
> > G-Saviour), and I
> > >still like Wing as much as or more than any UC show, and
> > honestly can't see
> > >that much of a UC influence in the plotline (I can see Zechs/Char, a
> > >premise similar to Zeta, and CCA at the end). I like the plot and
> > >characters (which people have criticised), and, although I
> > admit that the
> > >battles between the G-boys and grunt troops are less than
> > impressive, it
> > >does serve to emphasise the major fights more.
> > >
> > >Or am I just a bad critic who likes bad anime better than good anime?
> > >
> > >The other reason I'm wondering this is because I just saw
> > the first two
> > >episodes of Gundam 0080, which everyone seems to regard as a classic
> > >(including non-Gundam fans - I remember the former president
> > of my anime
> > >club's statement that "0080 is the ONLY good Gundam
> > series"), and it left
> > >me kind of apathetic.
> >
> > Man, you should really watch the later episodes. If you think
> > Titanic is
> > tragic, you havn't seen anything yet.
> >
> > >Does it get better in the later episodes? Has knowing the
> > spoilers ruined
> > >it for me? Or am I just a tasteless Winger like I'm worried I am?
> >
> > I don't think you are tasteless, you just have a different
> > taste that's all.
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