Federico Makabenta (yenm@iconn.com.ph)
Sat, 10 Mar 2001 00:09:47 +0800

Oh wow. I was happy when I found out that Robotech was going to be released
on DVD by ADV. 6 eps per disc at $14.95 - sounds like a bargain. ^_^

I wrote a letter to adv inquiring if they were gonna sub the Southern Cross
and Mospeada parts of the series. I already knew that Macross subbed was
Animeigo's baby.

> Will Robotech's release present Macross, Southern Cross and Mospeada uncut
> with the original Japanese dub track and subs like the Perfect Collection
> available before?

Then ADV answered:

From: Info <Info@advfilms.com>

> No. We do not have the rights to the Japanese versions of those shows
> (indeed, Animeigo is working on Macross now.)
> Andy Kent
> ADV Films

Dunno who has the rights to Southern Cross or Genesis Climber (maybe
Animeigo does - they were the ones that released The Perfect Collection),
but I really want to get MOSPEADA subbed on DVD. Both have already been
released as DVD boxed sets in Japan for over 6 months now. :(

First MS 0079 Gundam and now this. Injustice to no end. -_-;


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