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Well, I suppose you like what you like. I don't think there's such thing as
a bad Gundam fan. Although most would disagree.

~Amanda R.
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> Okay... something that's been bothering me since I made that rant a while
> ago. It seems that everyone who's seen both UC and Wing likes UC better,
> and thinks that the Wing plotline is a ripoff of UC. I've seen a LOT of
> Gundam by now (at least some of every series, except G-Saviour), and I
> still like Wing as much as or more than any UC show, and honestly can't
> that much of a UC influence in the plotline (I can see Zechs/Char, a
> premise similar to Zeta, and CCA at the end). I like the plot and
> characters (which people have criticised), and, although I admit that the
> battles between the G-boys and grunt troops are less than impressive, it
> does serve to emphasise the major fights more.
> Or am I just a bad critic who likes bad anime better than good anime?
> The other reason I'm wondering this is because I just saw the first two
> episodes of Gundam 0080, which everyone seems to regard as a classic
> (including non-Gundam fans - I remember the former president of my anime
> club's statement that "0080 is the ONLY good Gundam series"), and it left
> me kind of apathetic.
> Does it get better in the later episodes? Has knowing the spoilers ruined
> it for me? Or am I just a tasteless Winger like I'm worried I am?
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