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Thanks for your review. I really agree with you on most stuff said.

~Amanda R.
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> In preperation for Mobile Suit Gundam this fall (or late summer, whatever
> ends up being) I decided to finally watch the 3 First Gundam movies. Kinda
> strange that I've seen at least a little of every series _except_ First
> Gundam, but whatever =P
> After watching part I (dubbed ... truly an experience no one should ever
> have to go through) and part II (Subbed, thankfully) I'm really not sure
> where the accusations of "bad" animation comes in. Technically speaking,
> animation is quite good, it seems to me it's the _style_ of the animation
> that people are questioning. That's just the way anime was drawn back
> it's not "Bad" in any way. Yes, the character designs are fairly
> but they work and manage to convey a lot of emotion while doing it. Some
> the more 70's style mechanicals don't look so hot on paper (Gog, Acguy,
> etc), but (like the Turn A Gundam) look fine and fit in with the visual
> style when you see them in motion. There are going to be an awful lot of
> Zaku fans later this year, and I tell ya, seeing the Dom's move is too
> Obvoiusly the story is still classic and the fact that characters do die
> going to be an interesting adjustment for the new generation of Wing fans.
> You just meet Ranba Ral (Without a doubt, one of my favorite Zeon pilots
> right up with with Norris ... strangely enough, both pilot Gouf's :P) and
> start to respect him and ... poof. It's going to be a shock to people
> brought up on American TV. Ryu's sacrifice, no bashing intended, makes any
> of the characters in Wing's actions pale in comparison.
> Oh. And Kikka, Katsu, and Retsu are just too cute =)
> Finally seeing MSG has pretty much alleviated any fears I still had about
> its North American debut. Assuming it gets a solid dub job and Cartoon
> Network markets it properly it could very well be a smashing success, not
> just a springboard to the later series. The way I see it, the new fans
> watch it because it's Gundam. They may not like it right away, but within
> handful of episodes the story should grab them. From occasionally poking
> head into message boards and such predominantly populated by North
> Wing fans, the story is given as a primary reason for liking it, at least
> often as the bishounen characters and mechanics. This gives me hope =)
> This has been your extended ramble from me for the day. You may now carry
> with your usual business ;p
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