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I think AC Gundan fans will just have to face the fact. GW and GG are for
adolescence who enjoy superrobot fight scenes, and 0080, 08MS team, and MSG
are for people who enjoy the militaristic and humanistic aspects of the
Gundam wars.

>Okay... something that's been bothering me since I made that rant a while
>ago. It seems that everyone who's seen both UC and Wing likes UC better,
>and thinks that the Wing plotline is a ripoff of UC. I've seen a LOT of UC
>Gundam by now (at least some of every series, except G-Saviour), and I
>still like Wing as much as or more than any UC show, and honestly can't see
>that much of a UC influence in the plotline (I can see Zechs/Char, a
>premise similar to Zeta, and CCA at the end). I like the plot and
>characters (which people have criticised), and, although I admit that the
>battles between the G-boys and grunt troops are less than impressive, it
>does serve to emphasise the major fights more.
>Or am I just a bad critic who likes bad anime better than good anime?
>The other reason I'm wondering this is because I just saw the first two
>episodes of Gundam 0080, which everyone seems to regard as a classic
>(including non-Gundam fans - I remember the former president of my anime
>club's statement that "0080 is the ONLY good Gundam series"), and it left
>me kind of apathetic.

Man, you should really watch the later episodes. If you think Titanic is
tragic, you havn't seen anything yet.

>Does it get better in the later episodes? Has knowing the spoilers ruined
>it for me? Or am I just a tasteless Winger like I'm worried I am?

I don't think you are tasteless, you just have a different taste that's all.
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