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--- Andrew Dynon <>
> Okay... something that's been bothering me since I
> made that rant a while
> ago. It seems that everyone who's seen both UC and
> Wing likes UC better,
> and thinks that the Wing plotline is a ripoff of UC.
> I've seen a LOT of UC
> Gundam by now (at least some of every series, except
> G-Saviour),

*some* of every series?!

how can you make a judgement like that based on only
bits and pieces of UC?

and I
> still like Wing as much as or more than any UC show,
> and honestly can't see
> that much of a UC influence in the plotline (I can
> see Zechs/Char, a
> premise similar to Zeta, and CCA at the end).

err...there's much more UC influence in g wing, but
i'll let the others tackle that. :P

> like the plot and
> characters (which people have criticised), and,
> although I admit that the
> battles between the G-boys and grunt troops are less
> than impressive, it
> does serve to emphasise the major fights more.

that's not a good way of emphasizing major fight

the problem with all the fight scenes in g wing is the
gijoe syndrome. they have the accuracy of a drunk
lemming, combined with the superrobot syndrome.

> Or am I just a bad critic who likes bad anime better
> than good anime?
> The other reason I'm wondering this is because I
> just saw the first two
> episodes of Gundam 0080, which everyone seems to
> regard as a classic
> (including non-Gundam fans - I remember the former
> president of my anime
> club's statement that "0080 is the ONLY good Gundam
> series"),

i sincerely question your president's tastes. :P

>and it left
> me kind of apathetic.
> Does it get better in the later episodes? Has
> knowing the spoilers ruined
> it for me? Or am I just a tasteless Winger like I'm
> worried I am?

0080 isn't for everyone i suppose. it's one of my
favorites, but many don't dig it at all.

what are you looking for in the later eps? more butt
kicking mecha fights? don't hold your breath.

lots of larger-than-life out-of-this-world loonbird
theatrics and speeches in the tradition of giren,
char, zechs, et al? don't hold your breath.

more character story showing the real drama of
bystanders caught in a war? worth holding your
breath. 0080 is the antithesis of gundam wing when it
comes to war and drama.

you can like wing as much as you want, and you're
entitled to it, but to say that 0080 has nothing on g
wing in the emotion and character story (if not action
and juice and glamorous theatrics) department is a
veritable crime. :)


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