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>izubuchi worked on daimos! i never knew that.


>and, hey, what do they have against mechs that
>transform into motorcycles eh? :P mospeada cyclones
>were kewl!

Scr*w the cyclones, Bubblegum Crisis' Motoroids/Motorslaves!


--- "Nicholas \"Echo|Fox\" Paufler"
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> Not directly Gundam related, but ADV just posted a
> translated interview
> (circa Feb. 1999) with Yutaka Izubuchi, regarding
> his work on Gasaraki. See:
> I found it a _Very_ interesting read, as Izubuchi
> has rapidly become my
> favorite mechanical designer, and Gasaraki is easily
> the best "mecha" anime
> made in the last five years. I really love getting
> insight into the minds of
> these folks, it does give you a whole new
> appreciation for what they do.
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