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> Evidently they don't =)
> I seem to remember someone mentioning that Bandai wasn't planning on
> releasing the MG's and PG's since they would be too expensive and they
> didn't think they'd sell.
> Given the inflated model prices, I'd tend to agree. If you're charging
> for a non-MG 1/100 kit, you'd have to charge at least 45$ for a base
> MG (i.e. a ZakuII or a GM), and for the bigger ones, the price would be
> astronomical.
> I really don't understand why they're pricing them so high... if they
> at comparable-to-yen prices, more kids would buy 'em, Gunpla fanatics
> buy them (bye bye HLJ!) and Bandai would make more money...
> Wierd.

they do have to ship the kits from Japan to North America, which is costly,
plus they have to pay appropriate importation taxes. buying from HLJ is
cheaper because even though the shipping may be more expensive (since
distributors ship in bulk so shipping cost per piece is less) they have to
pay tariffs and taxes for commercial quantity while end users like us don't.

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