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Well, it also has to deal with animation as well. A lot of people compare
that anime uses a lot of still shots and when it doesn't, the characters
move without weight or something like that...really, I think that's just
being anal, a lot of American cartoons do the same thing. Both countries
produce good and bad animation.

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> Yeah, but remember that a lot of the stuff in the
> movies are reanimation. As
> for style, I think the style is fine, it's just the
> way things are drawn
> that look a little messed up-some of the drawings
> look rushed.
> Anyway, I think if a lot of people really cared
> about the *animation* in
> anime, then they'd be watching Disney instead of
> anime.(I personally think
> the animaton in anime is fine, but it has been
> criticized on many
> occassions)

personally, i think all the flak that japanese
animation gets comes from the overwhelming
anti-japanese sentiments of americans. some stupid
world war 2 hangover (a pet theory of mine -- as
evidenced by my many engagements with anime-hating
americans whose arguments often run the gamut of "what
the hell would the japs know anyway?")

not meaning to offend americans on the list nor
belittle all the suffering in world war 2...but you
don't get as much anti-anime bias anywhere else except
in america -- a country that has an odd sort of
respect and fascination as well as disgust and hatred
for all things japanese. they'll diss on anything and
everything anime just because it's japanese and how it
is therefore not "conventional" or "good ol' american"
animation. keep pressing them on the issue, and
they'll eventually grasp at straws by accusing japan
of being a sick country because fascination for
schoolgirl upskirt shots and panties. morons. oh

anyway, it never occurs to them that the actual
drawings, inkings and colorings are maybe done by
non-japanese people and that anime is anime quite
simply because it's churned out by japanese studios
(at least, that's my definition of "anime").

anyway...enough ranting from me.


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