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> Yeah, but remember that a lot of the stuff in the movies are reanimation.
> for style, I think the style is fine, it's just the way things are drawn
> that look a little messed up-some of the drawings look rushed.
> Anyway, I think if a lot of people really cared about the *animation* in
> anime, then they'd be watching Disney instead of anime.(I personally think
> the animaton in anime is fine, but it has been criticized on many
> occassions)

To me, MSG's animation isn't that bad, for an anime that was released in
'79. I don't know why anime is criticized, a lot of it's better animated
then a lot of modern US animation is. Anime is more expressive to me. There
are some good US cartoons, but some of them are copying anime. I've only
seen the movies, but the screen caps at N.A. doesn't look that bad,
considering the fact its from '79. It won't flop just because of its
animation like some naysayers, it has a chance to, but I doubt it. Finally
the elite UCers can stop moaning about the US youths are crazy over GW, as
it will probably be Char and Amuro after MSG is put on TV :)

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