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> style when you see them in motion. There are going to be an awful lot of
> Zaku fans later this year, and I tell ya, seeing the Dom's move is too

I agree, I'm definitely looking forward to the broadcast. Although, as with
many old school things, I can't help but think how cool a re-animation would
be, kind of like they did with BGC and BGC 2040. I know, it'll never happen,
but a guy can dream, right?

"And though they may die by the dozens, indeed even the hundreds, and
occasionally by the thousands, the Zaku II will live on in our hearts and
memories, forever. Unless we're pilots, in which case we might not have long
to remember them."


Matt "Not Quite Better than Zen" Hanyok
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> In preperation for Mobile Suit Gundam this fall (or late summer, whatever
> ends up being) I decided to finally watch the 3 First Gundam movies. Kinda
> strange that I've seen at least a little of every series _except_ First
> Gundam, but whatever =P
> After watching part I (dubbed ... truly an experience no one should ever
> have to go through) and part II (Subbed, thankfully) I'm really not sure
> where the accusations of "bad" animation comes in. Technically speaking,
> animation is quite good, it seems to me it's the _style_ of the animation
> that people are questioning. That's just the way anime was drawn back
> it's not "Bad" in any way. Yes, the character designs are fairly
> but they work and manage to convey a lot of emotion while doing it. Some
> the more 70's style mechanicals don't look so hot on paper (Gog, Acguy,
> etc), but (like the Turn A Gundam) look fine and fit in with the visual
> style when you see them in motion. There are going to be an awful lot of
> Zaku fans later this year, and I tell ya, seeing the Dom's move is too
> Obvoiusly the story is still classic and the fact that characters do die
> going to be an interesting adjustment for the new generation of Wing fans.
> You just meet Ranba Ral (Without a doubt, one of my favorite Zeon pilots
> right up with with Norris ... strangely enough, both pilot Gouf's :P) and
> start to respect him and ... poof. It's going to be a shock to people
> brought up on American TV. Ryu's sacrifice, no bashing intended, makes any
> of the characters in Wing's actions pale in comparison.
> Oh. And Kikka, Katsu, and Retsu are just too cute =)
> Finally seeing MSG has pretty much alleviated any fears I still had about
> its North American debut. Assuming it gets a solid dub job and Cartoon
> Network markets it properly it could very well be a smashing success, not
> just a springboard to the later series. The way I see it, the new fans
> watch it because it's Gundam. They may not like it right away, but within
> handful of episodes the story should grab them. From occasionally poking
> head into message boards and such predominantly populated by North
> Wing fans, the story is given as a primary reason for liking it, at least
> often as the bishounen characters and mechanics. This gives me hope =)
> This has been your extended ramble from me for the day. You may now carry
> with your usual business ;p
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