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Thu, 8 Mar 2001 17:21:38 -0800

Hi there Gundam ML,

Well, I was at New Type Hobbies in San Francisco last weekend to buy a
MG Nu Gundam and as I was looking around I started talking to the guy
about Master Grades and what's coming up. And he went through the stuff
that's already announced, like Hyaku Shiki and GP-O3. And then he
mentioned that after that the Re-GZ will be the next Master Grade. And
I was kind of surprised and asked him why they were making a MG out of
such an obscure suit. And he said that Bandai is moving forward with
CCA-era suits and that there are plans for an eventual MG Geara Doga and
MG Jagd Doga. And THEN he dropped a bomb and said that Bandai is
actually planning for a (wait for it...) HGUC Dendrobium Orichis?! So
of course I gave him a look of immense disbelief, but he insisted that
they're actually taking about this right now.

Okay, this is all total rumor and might be completely unfounded. It's
just something a guy that works at a model store told me. But I thought
I'd pass it on.


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