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What about the Gelgoog Jaeger?

> German Gundam Stuff:
> Dom Fuenf: Dom 5
> Dom Tropen: Dom Tropical
> Sieg Zeon: Victory Zeon, and is similar to the Nazi "Sieg >Heil"
> >hmmm i really am the last to sympathize with the nazis but >the zions
shouting Sieg zion is something really funny to see >*G*
> Neu Ziel: New Goal
> Kaempfer: Fighter; Champion
> >I really dont know where everyone gets the champion from >kampfer means
fighter nothing more nothin gless
> Anything else?
> ok i do not know if all this is strictly zeon i guess not but >its all
"badguys" anyway
> Xeku ein ( short form of xeku eins ( xeku one )
> The 0080 Musai and tivvay ( Siegfried & Graf zeppelin )
> RMS-099B Sturm Dias ( Sturm = storm )
> Maybe hamma hamma ( could be bcos hammer is pronounced more >like hamma )
> The einrad from V gundam
> The Spiegel Gundam ( spiegel = mirror)

> hmm ok thats all i found now while just whizzin through the >Mechadomain
maybe more if i find more

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