Danny Kim (danny@lookfx.com)
Thu, 08 Mar 2001 13:23:15 -0800

I think you are right. It's hard to believe that Bandai's retiring a kit
because of the mold. I think they found a great excuse. I can't wait
till I get my hands on new HGUC Gundam but, I'll miss this HG.
They should retire HG Zeta and Double Z. They were terrible kits.


Edward Ju wrote:

>> --- start translation --- *HG Gundam production stoppage finalized*
>> Until now, Gunpla series were never rarely taken out of print to serve
>> the fans with a constant supply of the kits. But now with the actual
>> mold of the kit being worn down, and producing the kits have become more
>> difficult, the HG Gundam will be going out of print. THe HG Gundam was
>> made using new technology at the time, called 'system injection' which
>> made later gunpla production possible, such as diffrent colours on the
>> same runner, or frames that were pre constructed on the mold. At the
>> Shizuoka Hobby show, we will be holding a HG Gundam retiration ceremony
>> for all the support the fans have shown for our gunpla.
> Strange how they're retiring only 1 kit from that period... you don't hear
> mold retirement of F90/F91/SF91 or other HG kits, even though they were
> molded at about the same time and had System Injection as well. In fact,
> didn't all these kit get reissued recently? They're all over the place
> online and in stores now.
> Sounds like System Injection was getting too costly for a puny little 1000
> yen kit and it was more of a marketing decision to me, just to round out
> the White Base trio for their HGUC line.
> Eddie
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