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Thu, 8 Mar 2001 12:25:39 -0800

> --- start translation --- *HG Gundam production stoppage finalized*
>Until now, Gunpla series were never rarely taken out of print to serve
>the fans with a constant supply of the kits. But now with the actual
>mold of the kit being worn down, and producing the kits have become more
>difficult, the HG Gundam will be going out of print. THe HG Gundam was
>made using new technology at the time, called 'system injection' which
>made later gunpla production possible, such as diffrent colours on the
>same runner, or frames that were pre constructed on the mold. At the
>Shizuoka Hobby show, we will be holding a HG Gundam retiration ceremony
>for all the support the fans have shown for our gunpla.

Strange how they're retiring only 1 kit from that period... you don't hear
mold retirement of F90/F91/SF91 or other HG kits, even though they were
molded at about the same time and had System Injection as well. In fact,
didn't all these kit get reissued recently? They're all over the place
online and in stores now.

Sounds like System Injection was getting too costly for a puny little 1000
yen kit and it was more of a marketing decision to me, just to round out
the White Base trio for their HGUC line.


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