Dafydd Neal Dyar (dafydd@dyarstraights.com)
Thu, 8 Mar 2001 11:04:30 -0800

I just dropped in to let you all know that, although I still don't have mail
service via Gundam.Com, I'm monitoring the list via the Gundam ML Archive


By selecting Current and then sorting by Date, I can access the messages in the
order in which they were posted. The reason I haven't posted myself has more to
do with my current situation -- I'm between jobs again, the Intel/Convera gig
having evaporated at the beginning of February -- and the relative lack of
topics of interest than with the failure of the e-mail service.

It was while I was browsing the GML Archive that I noticed that the server seems
to have a date rollover problem, as evidenced by the following:

"Starting: Sun 01 Mar 1970 - 00:05:32 JST
Ending: Mon 09 Mar 1970 - 01:49:03 JST
Messages: 631"

Instead of the current year, the system is displaying the baseline year for the
UNIX operating system.

While I'm on the topic of server glitches, allow me to implore the Gundam.Com
system administrators to start posting progress reports on the e-mail situation
on the main page. It's been a week now and no news is bad news. Even if all
you can say is "We're working on it," you should say SOMETHING.

Of course, if they're accessing GML through Gundam.Com, they won't see this any
more than they've seen the e-mails I've already sent directly, but if they're
browsing the archive as I am, maybe they'll see this....


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