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*HG Gundam production stoppage finalized*

Until now, Gunpla series were never rarely taken out of print to
serve the fans with a constant supply of the kits. But now
with the actual mold of the kit being worn down,
and producing the kits have become more difficult,
the HG Gundam will be going out of print.

THe HG Gundam was made using new technology at the time,
called 'system injection' which made later gunpla production
possible, such as diffrent colours on the same runner, or
frames that were pre constructed on the mold.

At the Shizuoka Hobby show, we will be holding a HG Gundam
retiration ceremony for all the support the fans have shown for
our gunpla.

*And to a new stage...*
For a long time, we have produced gunpla for a long time
but that is in no way infinite. That also gives us
a chance to use new skills to refine the current ones.

At the same time we retire the HG Gundam we will
be crstening the HGUC Gundam. We hope that our
fans will welcome this new profuct and cherish it
as they did before.

Here at the Gundam prefect web, we will be reporting
on the HG Gundam retiration ceremony and also
new info on the HGUC Gundam, and interviews
so stay tuned!

*The HG Gundam's final production will be released with
a special package this spring
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Yasu Ikehara aka Nuku-Nuku
LNF Translations

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  Anyone here that can read Japanese? According to Alta Vistas web page translator, this web page has something to do with the old HG Gundam dies being worn out or something and this is one reason for an HGUC RX78 being made. That's about all I could make out with their translator. Anyone with Japanese language, could you please tell more about this?
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