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>well, you should paint your kampfer in a way that
>you'll be proud of even after the contest.


>myself, i'd go for drab serious pseudo-military
>colors. i never follow the anime colors (what kind of
>thrusters are color yellow anyway? i suggest
>weathering them over with dark bronzes and dark
>browns...) the kampfer blue is ok, actually. but the
>traditional red-white-yellow-blue of the gundam is
>definitely not.

well...I paint the thrusters on my kits in gold (before it ran out anyway) because gold is increadibly heat reflective - one example is the gold layering on the underside of the engine bay cover of the McLaren F1...or I also paint them in red.

>i rather liked the rx78-g3 color scheme. two shades
>of gray makes a whole lotta difference from parade
>colors. eek!

hahahaha...from the higher-ups, it is a rather good thing, because it attracts attention, showing that they have a powerful weapon at their disposal, but not good for the pilot itself, except if you're a powerful Newtype ^_^

>Wasn't it stated somewhere that because of the use of Minovsky particals in
>warfare visual combat at close ranges became the norm thus the vivd color
>schemes to differentate between factions.

not actually. As covered in the past weeks/months, some of the more colorful schemes are either parade colors or personal ace colors (to sow fear into their enemies who recognize who they're up against and to inspire their allies who'll know who's with them). Besides, the designs themselves do help in recognizing which side/faction made them, although there are instances where there are exceptions.

As exemplified in CCA, the Minovsky particles render radar and other similar detection methods inaccurate and unreliable, especially for long to medium range, hence the need for powerful cameras on the suit that's fed to the suit's computer, which then compensates for missing details by filling in from their database. However, as with Lezun when Amuro fired at them after getting the Nu, if the MS's computer (Lezun's Geara Doga) doesn't have any data about an object it's tracking, it would more often than not, give erroneous pictures.

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