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If you are going realistic all over the body, might as well metalize the
thrusters. Since you are entering a contest, I presume that you want to
win. Try to figure out whether the panel of judges appreciate anime
or military style more and go with it, I guess.


Yes I'm trying to win! I've spent almost 3 weeks prepping all the parts
filling in the seams and generally going all out on this kit. I have not
added any details though as I plan to enter it in the out-of-box category.
I have something else for the regular categories. Since this is a IPMS
(International Plastic Modelers Society) regional event for the North East,
I'm sure most if not all the judges will be leaning towards the more
realistic military style.....

Last night I finished cleaning up the last few pieces and tonight will be
the final preshading stage. Hopefully by the weekend I'll start painting
the final colors.

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