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Depends, any kit fr. the OVAs especially 08th MS looks better with the
weathered look.

For me if would depend on the colors I used on the rest of the kit. If it's
a colourful Gundam I'd go with the anime style. On the other hand, if
you're going to paint the Kampfer in a nice military blue I'd paint the
thrusters the color of jet aircraft engines (a nice metallic as you
suggested) and then weather with pastels.


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Subject: [gundam] model realistic or anime style

> Suggestions from the group please.
> I'm building a MG Kampfer for a IPMS model contest up here in the great
> white north and I am wondering about MS thrusters. I know that in the
> shown on TV most MS have their thrusters painted a bright red or yellow
> to make them stand out on the screen. The problem is that I am painting
> Kampfer as realistic as possible and I was thinking that I should paint
> thruster areas a titanium or some other metallic color with some nice
> weathering to simulate the heat from the thrusters.
> Or..... Should I just paint them yellow and then weather the thrusters to
> give the model a semi anime look.
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