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Well, if they are planned for an Asian release in the Future, it will probably take them several months past the US releases. Look how long it took all the GW MSiA's to see a Japanese release...

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  What of some of the stuff we've been seeing in the American catalogs, like the Gundam Ground Type, Alex, and other figures? I wonder if these'll get an MSIA release..
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    Newtype Asylum reported the following:

    A Gelgoog Cannon and Wing Zero Custom are confirmed, as well as a GP01 Gundam Fix figure! They say it will come with all it's standard equipment plus an exclusive long barrel rifle. This comes as a pleasant surprise for me(The GP01 Fix Figure).

    Now, for the rumors:

    There will also be High Mobility Gelgoogs in Johnny Ridden, Shin Matsunaga and Black Trinary colors.
    Also, there may a Rick Dias, Gyan and Zaku I MSiA's.

    That's all. To the Newtype guys. Keep up the good work, I love their News!!

    Aaron aka BlazeEagle
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