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Wed, 07 Mar 2001 18:15:15 -0800

Sorry, but I don't want to trade (unless it's for that second female
character- the third card - but I'd have to see it first). As for AC2
not being muchdifferent from the first AC game, well that's just fine,
since AC (as a series) is the perfect game. The controls are intuitive
(and configurable for those whothink otherwise), and the link capability
makes it absolutely a "must have". I actually bought my first PSX just
to play the first AC. Then I bought my second and third PSX (as well as
two extra TV's) to run AC tournaments here in SoCal. Although I will be
running AC2 tounaments starting in May, I don't think I'll plunk down
another 3 bills for a second PS2 - I'll either have a friend help me out
with his (assuming he gets one in time) or I'll rent one from
Blockbuster for a few days. Now if only they could chip the PS2 so I
can play those Gundam games...

   Trevor in California

Edward Ju wrote:

>> I DID get Millia!! (he he).
> Damn, so you get 1 of 3 cards, but won't know until you open the box!
> Wanna trade? :)
>> The funny thing is, I'm so busy playing AC2 that I haven't even checked
>> Macross M3 out yet (must finish AC2!!). It's just sitting there calling
>> to me - it's pleas falling on deaf ears (my AC's noise canceller must be
>> kicking in [stupid AC joke]).
>> Trevor in California
> I've played AC2 on store demo units, didn't see a whole lot that was
> different from previous AC games (other than spiffier graphics) to warrant
> another 50 bucks ($54 to be exact...). PS2's hardware power hasn't really
> delivered that many great games so far.
> Eddie
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