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>For those of you who don't want to wade through the nittygritty, the summary
>is that we'll be seeing the toys starting in April and the models starting
>in March (i.e. this month). Keep your eyes peeled.

Not sure how accurate their dates are - for starters, the Wing figures
have been out and about for several months, even though they list these
as "shipped to stores in January 2001".

>The pricepoints are also mentioned, and, IMHO, are a little high. $14.99 USD
>for HG and HGUC kits seems a bit much ... I mean, these are predominantly
>1000 yen kits, right?

The Wing and EW kits currently sold at TRU aren't exactly cheap either.

>The Gundam Hero Figures are 4.5" PVC figures based on characters in Mobile
>Suit Gundam. Each comes with a trading card. They will ship to stores in
>June 2001, and will retail for about $4.99 USD:

They neglected to mention whether the box set would come with these cards

>Amuro Ray, Sayla Mass, Char Aznable, Garma Zabi, Matilda Ajan, Ramba Ral,
>Crowley Hamon
>The Mobile Suit Original Gundam Action Figures are 4.5" action figures, each
>with more than 14 points of articulation and each coming with their
>signature weapon. These ship to stores in April 2001, and retail for around
>$5.99 USD:

Strange selection of support cast characters... I thought we'd see more of
the White Base crew.

>RX-78 Gundam, RX-77 Guncannon, MS-06S Char's Zaku, MS-09 Dom, RX-75 Guntank,
>Gundam GP-01, RX-79(G) Gundam, SM-03 Gock, MSM-07 Char's Z-Gok, MSM-07
>Z-Gok, Char's Gelgoog
>The Deluxe Original Gundam Mobile Suit Action Figures are 4.5" action
>figures, each with more than 20 points of articulation and each coming with
>their signature weapon. These ship to stores in April 2001, and retail for
>around $7.99 USD:
>Gundam RX-78-NT-1, RGM-79 GM & RB-77 Ball, MS-07 Gouf & Do-Dai YS , RX-79
>(G) Gundam Ez8, Gundam GP-01Fullburnern, Gundam GP-02, MS-14A Gelgoog,
>MAN-02 Zeong, MS-18E Kempfer

Assuming the original Gundam figures are the same as MSiAs, it's strange
how Char's Gelgoog is priced lower than the deluxe-priced MS-14A Gelgoog.
Both figures are virtually identical, except for the antenna and colors.


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