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gundam@aeug.org wrote:

>>>>Has Tomino ever mentioned as to why he includes masked individuals in series
>>>>he directs? (Char from MSG, Born Bonnings from Aura Battler Dunbine and the
>>>>Baron from Brain Powerd)

>>>Production budget concerns? Masked characters = no need to animate lips =
>>>cheaper & faster production.

>>That might be right answer for Barn 'Black Knight' Burnings from Dunbine,
>>but either Char or Baron left their nose and lips open in the air, which
>>didn't help cut production budgets...:-)

>>It has something to do with that mysterious atmosphere we often feel from
>>the guys who hide their faces behind the cool masks... a la Man in the
>>Iron Mask. ;-)

Perhaps its another one of those Japanese quirks. after all, Tomino isn't the only artist
who makes men in masks (Gundam alone has how many? -Char, That guy from V-gundam
whose name I keep forgetting, that Zabi chick too, Korozo, Gundam Speigel Pilot, Zechs,
among others...) And then, there's also that Tokusatsu with masken men in motor bikes
--Kamen Rider. Hmm, is there any deep profound psychological explanation as to why this
occurs? *ahem* I mean, I don't see anybody wearing masks casually (for the sake of aesthetics
that is, not including people who wear masks for a living..) ^_^;;


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