Dr. Core (core@pojo.com)
Wed, 07 Mar 2001 11:57:28 +0100

I wrote:
>Thanks for reminding me of this, it should be an excellent stress-test for my
>newly-purchased color printer (don't ask, it's a cheap one from Canon). I am
>afriad Char's Zaku will consume my brand new color ink cartriage. (IIRC,
>5 full
>pages for the head alone)

Forgot to mention that printing on inkjet means that white glue, the best glue
for paper models, can't be used. It will dissolve the ink. I will test it
out on
both white glue and rubber cement. Other suggestions for adheresive are
welcome, hmm perhaps gluestick is worth a try. Expect a report in a wk (or
more :)

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