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>Also, is this program Virtual Modeler Pro made just for
>gundam creations? I saw alot of pictures of gundam models, mainly from the
>UC era, that were done in this program. Unfortunatly, I can't find 1 bit of
>information on the program itself and were I could get it.
>Any help would be apprecited.

There are 4 versions of Gundam Virtual Modeler:

Pro for PowerMac
Lite for PowerMac
Pro for Windows
Lite for Windows

I have only used Pro for PowerMac and Lite for Windows. The user interface
are dramatically different between these two, with the Pro version offering
a user interface that closely resembles the Shade (a popular Japanese 3D
model and rendering software) engine it licensed, while the Lite version
has a less profesional looking interface.

The Lite version offers most of the suits from 0079 while the Pro version
comes complete with non-MS vehicles and crafts. The models are locked and
unmodifiable (it allows you to apply different texture/skin but that's about
it) although I've seen hacked models that were rebuilt to cool suits like
the GP01.

revisions over the years, but I am not sure if the same is true of the
PowerMac version. You can check out the software's homepage for more


The official gallery contains a lot of heavily PhotoShop'ed artwork, and
is regularly updated with new entries.

You can try ordering it from CD Japan, the source I got it from has changed
ownership and they no longer honor special requests for it.

> [CD -Japan]
> http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/
> (e-mail)info@cdjapan.co.jp


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