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> I've played AC2 on store demo units, didn't see a whole lot that was
> different from previous AC games (other than spiffier graphics) to warrant
> another 50 bucks ($54 to be exact...). PS2's hardware power hasn't really
> delivered that many great games so far.

And the AC series still doesn't have analog support. When most every new PS
and PS2 game supports at least analog directional controls, it's
disappointing that AC2 lacks analog support. I want AC2, but am not buying
another game in the series until it gets at least analog directional control
support. It's hard to go back to digital, when analog offers much more fluid
and precise control.

The PS2 is barely a year old, I hear this from lot's of people when every
new system is released. Look how much better 3rd gen. games on any system
looks, compared to it's first gen. games. If some of these game developers
would quit spending time moaning about how hard it is to make games for the
PS2, maybe we'ed see some better games :) Geez, some of these developers act
like if they have to deal with extra challenges in making a game, it's the
end of the world. Not every system is going to be a cake walk to develop
for. Some are probably easier to develop for then others. Yes, I understand
they work long and hard hours at times and don't like extra work loads, but
it takes hard work to make a great game, that's wht there's tons of average
games and a small number of great games.

The PS2 snow board game SSX looks and plays excellent. It's graphics are
better then most Dreamcast games. I am sure the 2nd and 3rd gen. games of
high quality will blow us away on PS2. It's only a matter of time. Z.O.E.
looks like a nice improvement in graphics, IMO. So does the PS2 MSG games,
it's graphics look like they blow DC's graphics out of the water. It seems
the US PS2 launch titles went for quantity over quality and one really had
to research to find the good launch titles. I have faith that PS2's graphics
and more importantly game play, will get much better over time.

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