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> > In the first episode of Stardust Memory, Gato is about to board
> a MS-09 Dom
> >type suit before Admiral Delaz informed him the Zeon were
> retreating. This
> >looked like a Dom Tropen, but would a desert ground combat suit not be
> >useless in space? Was it a Dom Tropen? Maybe it was a Rick Dom II...
> It's a Dom Funf type. The Funf is a "modular" Dom which can be
> fitted with additional equipment to turn it into an "any" environment MS.
> The HGUC Dom Tropen, IIRC, is actually marked as a MS-09F -- Funf type.
> Oh, BTW, that Funf is supposedly Delaz's personal MS, not Gato's.

Yep. Gato's Gelgoog was disabled, and he basically ran into Delaz's ship's
hanger to get another mobile suit to return to the battle field. Since
Delaz is directing his ship from the bridge rather than from his mobile
suit, his personalized MS is unoccupied. Delaz has to physically disuade
Gato from stealing the MS.

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