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Wed, 7 Mar 2001 11:02:52 +0800

> hey man! i didn't do it on purpose! your kampfer's
> head fin must have already had some stress fracture.
> all i did was touch it and it snapped clean off -
> POINK! anyway, look on the bright side -- you're going
> for a smooth kampfer look now -- no shoulder spikes,
> no head fin. :)

yes, with fake eyes to make it look like a skull. ehehehhehehe. I have to
admit, your breaking my kampfer's head fin gave me a good look at the idea
of a kampfer which was smooth. something that I want to extend to the
weaponns by way of color-matching them to my main MS's colors. Still, you
owe me a head-fin, LOL!

> well, now that my kampfer has twin spiked
> shoulders...i'll be needing either a big farking gun,
> or a big honking melee weapon (for the executioner
> look). or maybe the beam rifle with axe
> bayonet in double fake.
> there has to be something in your 200+ kits inventory
> :)

ehehhehehe. am designing a sword-rifle for the dahgi-iris, so am sorry, no
dice on that one Garrick. I have to use some of the parts for that

> anyway...what i wanna know about the zz kits is how
> poseable are they and what problems do they have? do
> they have gorrilla arms like the jegan, or inflexible
> parts like the jagd doga?

Hmmm...too many things to say about ZZ. but as a rule they are not that

> also, how's the regz kit?

Do not get. Looks disappointing, from what i saw at my friend's house.

> > As for the
> > Dahgi Iris, what can I say, am modifying it for the
> > mechapinoy fanfic/RPG.
> hmm...
> -garr

Ivory white and gold, meyn....

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