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Tue, 6 Mar 2001 17:51:33 -0800 (PST)

--- "Richard Ramos - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam!"
<> wrote:
> > speaking of old kits...i was browsing through the
> toy
> > shops (toy kingdom at shoemart for the
> > filipinos)...and there are a few old zz kits lying
> > around.
> > jamru fin, gaza-D, and dovenwolf, as well as the
> dahgi
> > iris.
> > how're those kits?
> Jamru fin is okay, but a mess to glue
> togther...Gaza-D is great for mods,
> and the dovenwolf, while being very imposing when
> finally assembled, has a
> lot of head fins you would love to break, garrick.
> grrrr.

hey man! i didn't do it on purpose! your kampfer's
head fin must have already had some stress fracture.
all i did was touch it and it snapped clean off -
POINK! anyway, look on the bright side -- you're going
for a smooth kampfer look now -- no shoulder spikes,
no head fin. :)

well, now that my kampfer has twin spiked
shoulders...i'll be needing either a big farking gun,
or a big honking melee weapon (for the executioner
look). or maybe the beam rifle with axe
bayonet in double fake.

there has to be something in your 200+ kits inventory

anyway...what i wanna know about the zz kits is how
poseable are they and what problems do they have? do
they have gorrilla arms like the jegan, or inflexible
parts like the jagd doga?

also, how's the regz kit?

> As for the
> Dahgi Iris, what can I say, am modifying it for the
> mechapinoy fanfic/RPG.



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