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Wed, 7 Mar 2001 09:06:23 +0800

> speaking of old kits...i was browsing through the toy
> shops (toy kingdom at shoemart for the
> filipinos)...and there are a few old zz kits lying
> around.
> jamru fin, gaza-D, and dovenwolf, as well as the dahgi
> iris.
> how're those kits?

Jamru fin is okay, but a mess to glue togther...Gaza-D is great for mods,
and the dovenwolf, while being very imposing when finally assembled, has a
lot of head fins you would love to break, garrick. grrrr. As for the
Dahgi Iris, what can I say, am modifying it for the mechapinoy fanfic/RPG.

> also...what's the difference between the 1/100 god
> gundam hyper mode and the 1/100 ordinary god gundam?
> the hyper mode is twice the price...but...can't tell
> any difference from looking at the pics of the box.
> -garr

Uhm, the hypermode is goldplated, supposedly to show the robot's glow when
in hypermode.

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