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How different was the re-recorded dubs from the original? Do they sound
very much the same or did some characters sound completely different?

I wonder if this was a new track done for the DVD or if they just simply
DVD-ized the Master Grade LD box that came out a few years ago. That box
even came with a bunch of photo CDs to boot.


The DVD's were Remastered from the film prints. All the characters sound
just the same. There are some subtle differences. If you have seen the
movies as much as I have you can usually pick out the small changes.

These DVD's are totally better that the MG box, I have the box and the sound
quality is terrible compared to the DVD.

The best place to order them is either The place or Sazuma trading co. Keep
in mind you must have an all region DVD player or a region 2 player. These
discs will not play on a US DVD player, Region 1

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