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This is the Japanese version. Not the US badly dubbed version. I am sorry I
did not make myself clear on this. These DVD's are region 2 only.

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Scott Alexander Frantz wrote:

> Not simultaneous R1 and R2. The region 2 has been out for a while, since
> 2000-12-21. I have the first 2 already #3 is on the way,
> Stats:
> Japanese full title is 'Kidou Senshi Gundam Theatrical version trilogy
> was re-edited from the original TV series w/ newly added footages for
> theatrical version.
> * Newly recorded dubs (mostly by original cast) and remixed 5.1 audio.
> (Original Mono audio is not included.)
> * Languages: Japanese: DD5.1
> * Subtitles: Japanese / English

Newly recorded dubs? Did they rewrite the dub script as well? I seem to
remember a line about 'Robotron Invaders' or something of that nature during
scene when the Zakus invade the colony during the dub of first movie.
silly stuff like this would be nice.


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