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Tue, 6 Mar 2001 16:18:39 -0800

Wow again.
A 52 foot tour bus travelling around promoting Gundam awareness in North
America. Raise your hands if any of you ever thought you'd see that? =P
This article is rife with obvious errors (six PS2's featuring Microsoft
Gundam games? ;p) but it's _very_ interesting to see how they're marketing
Gundam. They've acknowledged a demographic of 12-17 as their "key" but
recognize the significance of the 15-25 market, as well as extreme sports
fans, in addition to the usual anime and comic fans.
Much niftyness.
I'm still boycotting on the dub-only MSG DVD's, but I'm _really_ looking
forward to seeing what they do with it on TV... it's looking more and more
like they're not going to screw it up ;p

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