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>Which got me thinking, was just the difference in animation between '79 and
>'89 that made the suits look "different?" Now, bear with me guys, I've seen
>very little of 08th MS team ;-) but, do some of the "classic" suits appear
>in the series, or is it mostly newer designs? If there are any of the
>classic suits, do they look much different, or is it just more detail /
>better animation quality?

On the general side of things, its most definitely brought about by the times (illustrations
of the RX-78-2 these days appear to be more defined and possess a more slightly rounded
head that when it first came out), and the fact that the artists are changing too.

on that topic.. THANK GOD no one has done a gag of UC pilots bragging about
who's mechs looks better in thier "redrawn versions"... I could almost hear it now...
"My Katoki GM looks better than your Tomino." --Ack.


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