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Is overnight not enough drying time between light airbrush coats of paint?

This could be a big factor........

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It's either with the coat or it could be that the paint isn't trully dry
yet, let it satnd for about a week.


>>My problem is just after the panel shading all looks perfect >>but once I
>>spray a clear coat to protect the model it darkens all the >>colors across
>>board. Actually the black wash is excellent as it makes my >>panel line
>>fine and even all across the model even in the corners where >>there are
>>lines. It just adds a extra bit of exaggerated shading which >>is in
vogue in
>>model contests now. Any extra bit helps with the judges.
>>This is a good example.


>Skip the spray cans.... Airbrush all the way!!!

Depends, sometimes using Gunze Mr. Color saves me the time and effort of
mixing to get the right color (as well as having to borrow the aribrush from
my friend).

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