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Tue, 6 Mar 2001 10:06:32 +0800 (CST)

can anyone post a pic of that?
does it looks like Zugock-E in 0080?

> school. The last mission was the part in Jaburo
> where you chase Char's
> Zugock, suddenly, Char called out for a Zock (MSM
> 10). It wasn't really a
> big thing until I saw the Zock itself. Yes, they
> retoconned the Zock. The
> old design was a clunky no good excuse for a marine
> MS. The new design
> however is sleeker, they gave it more forwrad length
> with the "beak like"
> part of the body being mroe enlarged and the head
> shrunken down. The new
> design looks like it is meant to swim "forward" like
> the way it walks unlike
> the old which seemed to swim head first. Think a
> stylized submarine with
> legs as compared to a swimming egg. Also, the feet
> were changed a bit
> looking sleeker and they actually moved if only a
> bit, the MSM itself
> hovered along the ground. I really liked this
> retocon of the Zock and hope
> that they release a model of it.
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