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i know of one but its 1/144. :(

oh well time to get out the sheet styrene

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Subject: Re: [gundam] Is there a resin conversion kit of Top's Zaku?

>I am looking for a conversion kit for a 1/100 MG Zaku I or II. I need to
>know if there is a 1/100 kit that will turn this MG into Top's Zaku. Also,
>does anyone know if there is a resin shoulder guard for the 1/100 MG Zaku
>kits that has the spikes missing (they have the plug in ports instead)

B-Club recent came out with one, I am not sure if it was a conversion kit
for the MG or a complete resin kit by itself though. Check with Rainbow
Ten to see if they have it.

> Organization:RAINBOW TEN limited co.
> Name:Hitoshi Mochizuki
> Order address:


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