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>hey guys. I just finished watching 0080 (for lack of something better to do
>this afternoon), and went on a slight panic attack when I saw a few MG kits
>listed as "spot" production at HLJ. After ordering an Alex, Rick Dom, and a
>Kaempfer, I went through and looked at the 0080 kits. Before I get to my
>question, I was wondering, does anyone know where a guy can get an MG GM
>Custom, not the Quel? I want to do a custom paint job on one and it's be
>easier for me if the kit came with lighter-colored plastic.

I thought these 2 MG GM kits are on eBay several times a week. You can also
get them for cheaper than ordering from HLJ if you are in the U.S.:

       142 E. DUARTE RD.
       ARCADIA, CA 91006
       Business (626)446-8513
       Fax (626)446-0084

Price is about 1.1 x yen price (at 100 yen = $1 conversion), they have a
large selection of Gundam kits including recent, but not latest releases.

Cosmo Games
1122 Westwood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Tel: (310) 209-1387
Fax: (310) 209-6087

They sell only MG kits and MSiA figures. The figures are a bit pricy, but
MG kits are at yen price (100 yen = $1 conversion), even latest releases,
like the MG Nu Gundam they got back in January.

>Now, anyways. While watching the series I was noticing that the Doms, Zakus,
>Gogs, GMs, and all of the suits that were in the series all seemed a bit
>more, idunno, "robust" than they do in other series. At first I assumed they
>were just newer versions of the suits, after all the GM's clearly had
>different armor than the originals, and the shield was different. That
>gelgoog, for example, looked like the precursor to the marines, it was a
>gelgoog jaeger, right? But the doms and the zakus didn't seem to be any
>different. Although, I did notice the pegasus-clas ship in there during the
>kaempfer scene. Was nice to see that re-drawn.

Almost all the mecha you saw in 0080 were "new" in the sense that they
were all variants of existing models from the original series and none of
them appeared in the original series and vice versa. That means the Pegasus
class ship you saw was the Grey Phantom, a totally different ship from
White Base, even though both were MS Carriers. The Zaku II was the "FZ"
variant, while the Dom you saw was the Rick-Dom II. The changes on these are
a bit more subtle than the others.

>Which got me thinking, was just the difference in animation between '79 and
>'89 that made the suits look "different?" Now, bear with me guys, I've seen
>very little of 08th MS team ;-) but, do some of the "classic" suits appear
>in the series, or is it mostly newer designs? If there are any of the
>classic suits, do they look much different, or is it just more detail /
>better animation quality?

08th MS Team had a mix of new variants and old standbys like the Acguy and
Zaku I and II, mostly in cameo appearances. Sometimes they add a little
details here and there to spice things up, but they didn't create an entirely
new variant for every suit the way 0080 did.


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