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> Now, anyways. While watching the series I was noticing that the Doms, Zakus,
> Gogs, GMs, and all of the suits that were in the series all seemed a bit
> more, idunno, "robust" than they do in other series. At first I assumed they
> were just newer versions of the suits, after all the GM's clearly had
> different armor than the originals, and the shield was different. That
> gelgoog, for example, looked like the precursor to the marines, it was a
> gelgoog jaeger, right? But the doms and the zakus didn't seem to be any
> different. Although, I did notice the pegasus-clas ship in there during the
> kaempfer scene. Was nice to see that re-drawn.

Those were the Zaku F/Z's, I believe

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