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are u related to MAX watanabe in any way?
--- "Watanabe, Soimichiro"
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> omotai wrote:
> >After coming to the conclusion that there is no way
> in hell that I will be
> >able to get a figure of Char's Gundam (seeing as
> how it was an exclusive
> >promo), I need help on painting a regular Rx-78-2
> into Char's color scheme.
> >How do I go about preparing and painting the
> figure? Anyone? Thank you.
> though it doesn't really matter which grade that
> RX-78 you're repainting (considering that
> all you'll have to paint are the external parts),
> you might still want to consider the quality of
> the paint you're using (all the standard kits -I've
> seen- are made of ABS plastic, but the resins
> don't always react the same way. say, is anyone in
> the list versed with the different textures of
> different plastics?).
> anyway, its best to clean them first, make sure that
> they're free of dust. Then apply a primer.
> I can't stress the importance of a primer, you
> wouldn't want your nicely painted Gundam to start
> chipping off ne?
> When applying the paint (acrylic, poster, oil etc)
> I'd really suggest that you use an airbrush
> (if you don't have one, try to borrow one... if
> you're really into painting model kits, buy one and
> look for a good compressor, its a really good
> investment). A plain brush is hard to use if you're
> not that used to it. But if you are gifted with a
> VERY deft hand, then why not? ^_^;;
> ~Soimichiro
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