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Franz G Co wrote:
> The sensors on ther ifles could give the Ms a more accurate shot since it
> gives the targeting comp a view from the rifle itself.
or they could have seperate targeting systems and tracking systems, the
sensors in the head for identifying and tracking the target and the
sensors on the rifle for actual targeting/aiming, this is espicially
good considering the modular natrure of hand-heald mecha weapons so it
would be much simpler to have the bulk of hte targeting components on
the weapon itself interfacing with a much simpler base system in the MS
itself rather than having a more complex fire-control within the Mobile
Suit designed to perfomr all of the targeting tasks itself especially
since it would have to adapt itself to various weapons, with the
targeting systems on the weapons it allows much freer swapping of
weapons in the field between Mobile Suits of different make and
manufactur even


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