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My problem is just after the panel shading all looks perfect but once I
spray a clear coat to protect the model it darkens all the colors across the
board. Actually the black wash is excellent as it makes my panel line very
fine and even all across the model even in the corners where there are no
lines. It just adds a extra bit of exaggerated shading which is in vogue in
model contests now. Any extra bit helps with the judges.

This is a good example.


Skip the spray cans.... Airbrush all the way!!!

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Hmmm... try not doing a black wash for the panel lines instead as it seems
that this part of the paint job is the culprit.

Haven't had this problem for quite some time. Got used to spray cans and

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>Ok I hope I can get some help from some of the master modelers >here.

>I'm going with the preshading route with my Kampfer and I am >almost at the
>point of doing my final color panel shading. One thing that I >have found
>my 3 previous models that I have done this way is that the >color looks
>before the first coat of clear which is needed for the black >wash for the
>panel lines but the clear tends to darken all the colors. >Should I just
>lighten all the colors before I airbrush them or should I not >primer coat
>all of the parts black.

>BTW. I have been using Micro Scale clear flat and I have also >tried
>floor wax mixed with Tamiya flat base but I find the Micro >Scale is much
>better as a clear coat.

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