Franz G Co (
Mon, 5 Mar 2001 07:49:30 -0500 (EST)

I was watching my friend playing Gundam for the PS2 at a shop near my
school. The last mission was the part in Jaburo where you chase Char's
Zugock, suddenly, Char called out for a Zock (MSM 10). It wasn't really a
big thing until I saw the Zock itself. Yes, they retoconned the Zock. The
old design was a clunky no good excuse for a marine MS. The new design
however is sleeker, they gave it more forwrad length with the "beak like"
part of the body being mroe enlarged and the head shrunken down. The new
design looks like it is meant to swim "forward" like the way it walks unlike
the old which seemed to swim head first. Think a stylized submarine with
legs as compared to a swimming egg. Also, the feet were changed a bit
looking sleeker and they actually moved if only a bit, the MSM itself
hovered along the ground. I really liked this retocon of the Zock and hope
that they release a model of it.

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