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> At 00:19 03/05/2001 -0800, Gundam EZEight wrote:
> >but wouldn't the eyes be better located at the feet?
> Well, yes, to give a ground level view... or to let Richie have a
> grand view of Garrick before he STOMPZ(tm) him. =)

Ehehehehheh. I would love that with a zoom.

> >i always figured the sensors in th head to be the main
> >camera, though i was always stumped as to why there
> >are no sideway-looking cameras, but the panoramic
> >display cockpits have side views....
> I think the consensus a long time ago is that the mohawk camera of
> the Gundam/ GM series is the main camera, whereas the "eye-cams" of the
> Gundam series are for peripheral vision mainly. fact, in some MS's, the eyes actually seem to function only as

> >i think the red chin thing is the radar. i saw what
> >looked like a radar in the MG Gundam ver1.0 booklet.
> That's a new one. In the MG 79[G], it seems to be a heat-exchanger
> with a fan-like device; In MG Mk. II, it seems to be another heat
> device, although it's not opened. In the MG NT-1 it's simply not shown. =)
> I'm not too sure whether it can be a radar... IIRC, warplanes'
> are not supposed to be painted, and I'm not too sure how well armoured
they are.

hmmm...those fins could just be structural ribs, but if it has other uses,
it could be radar or something to that effect.

> >how big are the cameras anyway? the heads are pretty
> >big, and so are the cameras... considering we have
> >cameras nowadays that have incredile resolutions,
> >those things must be able to see to the back side of
> >the moon!

Which would be useful in non-radar warfare.

> Telescopic lens, etc.. backup optics, IR, etc. are probably
> together in the mohawk for ease of access and maintainence. Actually,
> considering most Gundam heads also contain a 60mm Vulcan with ammo, as
> as optics and cooling equipment, there might not be much room in there at

you know, that always disturbed me, having rotary, multi-barrel weapons near
sensitive equipment...

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