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to be honest, I have not bought from them just yet. Won an auction. Will
let you guys know. But here is an email that I had sent to them:


We are not expecting any shipments of Gundam Models anytime soon. At
earliest, we'll receive a shipment in 5 weeks.

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Subject: Gundam Master Grade Model Release Dates

Do you know when you will be getting the Gundam Master Grade Kampher and
Gouf Custom?
Usually how soon do you get the kits after release?
You prices are really good and I am looking forward to do business with you.


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> >You should try this place:
> >
> >
> >The prices are go and shipping is actual shipping cost.
> I've seen their eBay auctions, but their feedback profile doesn't look
> encouraging (too many negatives). Have you bought from them before?
> If so, how was their packaging and customer service?
> Eddie
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