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>but wouldn't the eyes be better located at the feet?

        Well, yes, to give a ground level view... or to let Richie have a
grand view of Garrick before he STOMPZ(tm) him. =)

>i always figured the sensors in th head to be the main
>camera, though i was always stumped as to why there
>are no sideway-looking cameras, but the panoramic
>display cockpits have side views....

        I think the consensus a long time ago is that the mohawk camera of
the Gundam/ GM series is the main camera, whereas the "eye-cams" of the
Gundam series are for peripheral vision mainly.

>i think the red chin thing is the radar. i saw what
>looked like a radar in the MG Gundam ver1.0 booklet.

        That's a new one. In the MG 79[G], it seems to be a heat-exchanger
with a fan-like device; In MG Mk. II, it seems to be another heat exchanging
device, although it's not opened. In the MG NT-1 it's simply not shown. =)

        I'm not too sure whether it can be a radar... IIRC, warplanes' radar
are not supposed to be painted, and I'm not too sure how well armoured they are.

>how big are the cameras anyway? the heads are pretty
>big, and so are the cameras... considering we have
>cameras nowadays that have incredile resolutions,
>those things must be able to see to the back side of
>the moon!

        Telescopic lens, etc.. backup optics, IR, etc. are probably bundled
together in the mohawk for ease of access and maintainence. Actually,
considering most Gundam heads also contain a 60mm Vulcan with ammo, as well
as optics and cooling equipment, there might not be much room in there at all.

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