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but wouldn't the eyes be better located at the feet?
what else are short skirts for? ahem ahem ... just
i always figured the sensors in th head to be the main
camera, though i was always stumped as to why there
are no sideway-looking cameras, but the panoramic
display cockpits have side views....
i think the red chin thing is the radar. i saw what
looked like a radar in the MG Gundam ver1.0 booklet.
but i could be wrong. it looked like a grille thing
inside the red armor. may be for minovsky free
the GP03 and the GM QUEL had cameras on the legs...
how big are the cameras anyway? the heads are pretty
big, and so are the cameras... considering we have
cameras nowadays that have incredile resolutions,
those things must be able to see to the back side of
the moon!
and what's the deal with the sensor ranges? are those
the specs if no minovsky particles?
--- Lim Jyue <> wrote:
> At 23:56 03/03/2001 -0500, Loran Seakku wrote:
> >So what's the point of the cameras located in the
> head?
> Easier maintainence, higher vantage point
> for targetting, better
> all-round vision, etc. etc. It's the same reasons
> why our eyes are located
> in our heads. =)
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