Thomas Kohl (
Sun, 4 Mar 2001 13:54:30 +0100

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> yeah. that would be the great advantage of remote
> targetting on weapons. but none of the mechs in
> gundam ever do that, do they? (except in 8th ms
> team...) which kinda asks the purpose of the sights
> and scopes.
> heck, i'd probably just hide behind an asteroid
> (rotten stinking camper!), stick my gm squirt gun, er,
> beam spray gun out and aim from there. :)

Yep and thats what i like about 08thMS they really act military setting up
an ambush for the apsaras and all that, not just hit an run , first shoot
then do the Beamsaber thingie , oh my now dont get me started on the Gundam
Wing invincible Gundam Berserk *agh*

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